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Cora Jade Reveals Her Dream Opponents In WWE, Talks Royal Rumble


During a recent interview with WWE Espanol, WWE NXT 2.0 Superstar Cora Jade commented on possibly entering the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble Match, her dream opponents in WWE, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On possibly entering the Women’s Royal Rumble Match: “I would love to be in the Royal Rumble, I guess we will have to see. It’s definitely one of my favorite PPVs, especially growing up. All the surprises are always my favorite, 2020’s Royal Rumble was one of my favorites because Edge made his return and I was a big Edge fan growing up and I am still a big Edge fan now, so that was a cool moment to see. I guess we will never know until we get there. But I know they do have some open spots. I know a lot of women have already been announced, but there is room for some surprises, so hopefully, I am one of them.”

On her dream opponents in WWE: “Obviously the NXT Women’s Championship is on my mind right now. But, I would love obviously to be Raw or SmackDown Women’s Champion. Maybe if that were the case and I were in the Royal Rumble and won it, I would be looking over at Charlotte Flair. Big, big fan, I think she’s incredible. Definitely one of my dream matches. I have a few, my other one would be against Sasha Banks, definitely. She’s another person I watched when I wanted to be a wrestler and Bayley. The Takeover matches with her and Bayley are some of my favorites, and just watching them at the time just inspired me so much more and made me want to be here so much more. So, just watching those matches had a big impact on my motivation and forcing me to work harder. Because I knew that I wanted to be here. I have so many. Another one would probably be Bianca Belair or Rhea Ripley, I have so many.”

(h/t – Wrestling Inc)

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