Corey Graves Gives His Take On The Rumors Of Enzo Being Kicked Off Of WWE’s Tour Bus


Last night, during the WWE Network show;Bring It To The Table, Corey Graves & JBL gave their takes on the rumors of Enzo Amore being kicked off of WWE’s bus & not being allowed in the dressing room with the other superstars, which was reported by Dave Meltzer. JBL pretty much confirmed the rumors without saying the actual words “he was kicked out of the locker room” and Corey Graves possibly gave some insight as to why superstars may not so fond of “Smack-Talker Sky Walker”.

Corey Graves“No No, I don’t like Enzo, he’s a fine guy, but again, the guy you see on Monday nights, is that guy 24 hours a day. There’s no off switch. It rubs people the wrong way. If you’re on a European tour 12 days deep and he’s going on and on and on about how he partied on the weekend in LA, you’re gonna get tired of hearing about it. There’s a limit and when you’re on the road that much, that’ll wear on your nerves.”

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