Corey Graves On HHH’s Comments About Being Unhappy Where NXT Is, Royal Rumble Prediction


Source: Forbes – Alfred Konuwa recently conducted an interview with Corey Graves. Below are a few highlights:

On Triple H’s recent comments of being disappointed in NXT’s current product:

“I think maybe it was probably just a poor choice of words. I don’t think he’s disappointed in anything, we sold out the Freeman Coliseum, so as long as tickets are being sold and people are watching the shows there’s nothing to be too bummed out about.”

“But, to his point, it’s tough because ultimately while we are still NXT and we are our own brand, it was all based on what used to be developmental. Everything on NXT is created to feed Raw and SmackDown. I think maybe where his disappointment came in is, ‘man I wish I still had this name around.”

Who he thinks will win the Royal Rumble match:

“You can’t bet against Brock Lesnar, and I’m not going to make it a habit. I was as shocked as anybody at Survivor Series, what Goldberg did, but Lesnar to me? He’s money, man. I love everything about him.”

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