Corey Graves

Corey Graves Praises This Week’s WWE Raw Episode


On his recent episode of his After The Bell podcast, Corey Graves praised Monday’s episode of Raw. 

This comes after last week where he called it “an insufferable television show.”

“I thought RAW was awesome this week, and this isn’t me trying to make amends,” Graves said. “I sat, just like I did last week, from 8 p.m. ET, and I enjoyed just about everything on the show. The whole show felt big. It advanced storylines. The matches were pay per view level.”

Graves also praised the Ladder Match between Rey Mysterio and United States Champion Andrade. 

“I complain all the time about rematches. This is one I will never ever tire of because Rey Mysterio and Andrade together are magic. You add in the elements of a ladder match, and these two tore the house down. I never get tired of watching these two because they have signature maneuvers. They have the things that you love to see,” Graves said. “The two of them are so creative, and the environment of a ladder match, with two amazing athletes, such as Rey Mysterio and Andrade, you can expect fireworks. That is exactly what RAW delivered this week.

“Hopefully it’s not the end of Rey and Andrade because I want to watch that match forever in every type of match: ladder match, cage match, Judy Bagwell on a pole match, you name it. I think Rey and Andrade can make it work.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc 

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