Could The Rock Miss WWE’s SummerSlam PPV?


The Rock recently spoke about his upcoming film Hercules: The Thracian Wars and said that he will be filming for about four and a half months in Budapest, meaning that he will very possibly miss out on a potential SummerSlam match. Rock spoke with Entertainment Inquirer about the film, which will see him take on the lead role.

“I feel like I was born to play Hercules,” he said. “I’m very excited. The prep has been 12 to 14 weeks with dialect coaches. We’re getting ready to go to Budapest to shoot for four and a half months. We’ve put together a great team.”

WWE SummerSlam takes place in August, which would mean that The Rock would have to take a trip from Budapest to Los Angeles for the match and then fly back, which would be unlikely. More importantly though, he would not be able to appear on TV in the build-up to the PPV, which would limit his ability to promote the match in a live capacity.

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