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NewsCourt Bauer Comments On The Discussions Between WWE & Lucha Underground

Court Bauer Comments On The Discussions Between WWE & Lucha Underground



During a recent interview with AdFreeShows, MLW President Court Bauer commented on the meetings between WWE and Lucha Underground from many years ago regarding the possibility of working together. He said,

“I set up a meeting with [Triple H] to set up a meeting to go up there and kind of just explore what the future could look like in some capacity with Lucha Underground and WWE’s participation. For example, was there a world where Lucha Underground could be on the WWE Network as original programming? Is there a scenario where they would be interested in possibly acquiring it or listening seasons to air? [Triple H] and his team were incredibly gracious and very flattering towards Dorian, towards everyone. It was kind of a very first-way getting to know you meeting. I remember, we met in the Money in the Bank boardroom. It was really up to the ownership of Lucha Underground and the ownership of WWE to decide if there was a future there and it just kind of petered out after the meeting.”

Additionally, there were talks about doing an animated series featuring Rey Mysterio, which will actually be happening soon. But this is a completely different project. Bauer added,

“One was a Rey Mysterio cartoon. Vince, you know, was lukewarm on it, didn’t really get too far out of the development. There was the reoccurring conversation of a Saturday morning cartoon that would pop up once in a while. Vince’s opinion was it cost too much money, took too long to produce, and had no interest in doing it.“

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