Cody Hall

Court Bauer Discusses Cody Hall Briefly Being Under Contract With MLW


MLW founder & CEO Court Bauer addressed the brief signing of Cody Hall while doing an interview with Fightful. Here are the highlights: 

Cody Hall’s signing: 

“He did sign. He was briefly with us. He had some stuff going on that he didn’t feel he could participate and so we said, ‘We understand,’ and we moved on and we wish him the best. Cody’s a guy that we kinda looked at, probably, dating as far back as 2018 / 2019 when I started to create what the Dynasty would ultimately be. At one point he was a member of it in my mind before those deals, on and off, through a two year courtship, almost. At the end, I don’t think it was a right fit for either party. There’s no animosity on our end and we wish him the best with whatever is next in his life, in or outside of wrestling.”

Not closing the door completely: 

“There’s always a possibility. Like we were talking about at the top of the conversation, there’s guys that would maybe work out better here than elsewhere and there’s guys that work out elsewhere than here. But, I’m always a big believer in second chances. In my career, if I hadn’t had a second, third, fourth chance I wouldn’t be doing MLW now. So, I’m grateful for those that gave me a second chance, and a third chance. So, I guess never say never.”

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