Court Bauer Explains Why WWE Rejected Alex Hammerstone & Jacob Fatu


Two of MLW’s top stars, Alex Hammerstone and Jacob Fatu, were turned down when they tried out for WWE, according to Court Bauer.

In a recent interview with “Busted Open Radio,” Bauer spoke about WWE rejecting the current MLW World Champion and reigning MLW National Openweight Champion. He said,


“Hammerstone went for a few tryouts and was told, ‘You look too much like Triple H.

“The same with Fatu — people forget he had like three or four tryouts at WWE PC. They didn’t sign him. Now, everyone’s like, ‘He should go to WWE.’ There’s a reason the dude keeps re-upping with us. This is the system that has figured it out. We found him, and he found himself. 

“He [Fatu] has all the love for his family [The Bloodline] and what they’re doing there [in WWE], but he’s enjoying his time in MLW. If you’re finding him on MLW, support the company that gave him that spotlight. Don’t try to fantasy book something, when the machine there [in WWE] didn’t get it, didn’t see it. So, support where he is and where he is thriving.”

After his most recent WWE tryout in 2018, Hammerstone auditioned for Impact Wrestling but was also rejected.

Bauer went on to say that the two wrestlers have become a “bedrock” for MLW after debuting in 2019 at a time when many wrestlers were signing with WWE or AEW.

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