Thursday, June 13, 2024
NewsCourt Bauer Talks About Deal With Reelz, The Network's Reach

Court Bauer Talks About Deal With Reelz, The Network’s Reach



Court Bauer was a recent guest of Busted Open Radio, and he discussed how supportive Reelz has been through the new deal. It was announced on Friday that Reelz will air MLW’s new season on February 7th. Bauer’s comments about the promotion’s new deal can be read below:

Reelz being supportive of MLW: “We are really pumped and they’re really supportive. These guys are all about it. They were tracking us even as far back as when we were on VICE.”

Reelz being a top 30 cable network: “Just to give the people kind of perspective, USA and TNT/TBS, they all hover around that number: 11 to 14 mark in the rankings. AXS is like 98-99, and VICE is like 77. And BEIN was ranked 127, so we leaped literally 100 channels.”

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