Crossfire Wrestling Shuts Down – Details Inside



Crossfire Wrestling in Nashville has shut down. Several talents were were booked for the March 9th show are now taking other bookings on that date. Several talents have indicated that the promoter Pastorious told them by email that the promotion was finished and that he was unable to get the company into profit over the last five weeks; he added that he had wanted to give them several week’s notice to try and get more work instead of cancel the show at the last second.

Pastorious had CC’d his lawyer on the email and warned everyone not to post it online (that obviously worked) as the email was intended to be “between employer and employees” and that he disliked the amount of “mud-slinging” about the company on the online. He added that someone had gone out of their way to bash him to talent, sponsors and the network Crossfire was in negotiations with and clear their own name. He reportedly promised to go after that person legally. Pastorious has been sued by Adam Will, his employer at Red Rooster Bar & Music who claimed that Pastorius had not paid back a $20,000 loan.

An entity claiming to own Crossfire’s video rights has spoken to third parties and claimed that they own the material and not Pastorious. The truth of that is unknown.

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