Crowbar Looks At 30 Years In The Ring: “I’m Just Having A Great Time”


Crowbar is still going strong on the independent scene, and this marks his thirtieth year competing in the squared circle.

Longtime fans might remember Crowbar (the real-life Christopher Ford) for his days in WCW, where he captured Tag Team, Hardcore, and Cruiserweight gold. Ford opened up to Under the Ropes in a recent interview and talked about his life on the indies after 30 years in the industry.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Discussing his current indies run: “That’s a good question. I’m trying to figure it out myself. Some people have called it [laughs] a career renaissance. I’m really not sure. I’m just out there having a great time, having a hell of a time pushing it, working hard, working with lot of the young lions, and tearing it up out there. 48 years old, still love to work hard. Still like to go out there and wow the people and where it goes, who knows? But having a hell of a time with whatever you want to call this thing I’m doing.”

What he likes most about competing at this stage of his career: “It’s very cliché to say, and a lot of the guys [say it], I believe I am the biggest wrestling fan alive. When I first broke into wrestling, that wasn’t a fashionable thing to say. If you were in the industry, you never admitted that you were a fan, that you were a mark, that you enjoyed it. I flipping love professional wrestling, and I’ve been blessed to be able to do it going on thirty-one years. I enjoy it now just as much as I did way back when. Again, for some people, not fashionable to say, not fashionable to show all your cards in what you feel. But being in it this long, I really don’t care. I enjoy pushing myself. There’s like this competition with myself. Can I hang with this guy? Can I hang with that guy?”

His recent match with Rich Swann: “In my mind, I was challenging myself to be able to hang with Rich Swann. We went out there for Outlaw Pro Wrestling in Brooklyn, New York. I have my handful of very safe, very cool, still extreme-looking spots that I do. I think I still make myself look athletic. I think I am athletic. But the real challenge was being able to hang, and make sure Rich got to do all his signature stuff, and make sure that I was there for the timing and for the basing and everything. So it’s great working with these guys; it’s great going out there showing that I can still hang with these guys. It’s just both entertaining and personally rewarding for myself. It’s a really odd thing. A lot of guys in the business don’t get it. They always say, ‘you have a business, you have a family. You’re 48, you did WCW, you did ECW, you did WWE. Why the hell are you still doing this?’ Because I flipping love wrestling, and I think I’m entertaining myself as much as I hope I’m entertaining the people out there.”

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