Crown Jewel Rumored To Be Relocated To The USA


I can only imagine the stress that WWE management is under while they attempt to find a solution to the WWE Crown Jewel problem. Many of WWE’s top stars such as John Cena and Daniel Bryan have refused to work the show if it takes place in Saudi Arabia as planned, and WWE has been urged by the public to cancel the show entirely or at least relocate it.


So, that’s exactly what they’re rumored to be doing. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, finding a way out of the 10-year Saudi deal wasn’t on the table, however, Saudi Arabia was apparently warned by the WWE that the event may not be happening anymore. Saudi officials are also aware of why. With the event just over a week away, Barnburner among other sources have claimed that WWE is leaning toward relocating the show to the United States. Rumor has it that New York City would be WWE’s top choice as it’s an easy market for them.

With that being said, if the show were to take place in the US, I assume Cena and Bryan, along with other employees that were refusing to perform/work, would be back on board with the show.

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