CW Anderson Speaks Out – Working For WWE, Back Injury


CW Anderson was recently on MLW Radio, here are the highlights…

On Going to Work For WWE: “Tommy [Dreamer] called me one day and he explained to me what was going on. WWE was going to bring ECW back and he and Paul [Heyman] were going to have complete control.”

On His Back Injury That led to His Release: “I injured my back working Kevin Thorne and I couldn’t go to the next TV tapings because I’d slipped a disc in my back. They start paying for rehab because I can’t work, I can barely walk. The WWE doctor calls me one day and says Vince (McMahon) needs you to come in and take these steroid injections in your back so you can come back to work. I said it wasn’t going to happen. I was a baseball player for 15 years. I know what steroid injections in your back do. They numb your back, all it does is numb it. You go out there and think nothing is wrong and when the pain wears off you’re worse off than what you were.”

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