CW Network Not Happy With Zack Ryder’s Finisher


According to sources, the CW Network doesn’t approve of Zack Ryder’s finisher the “Rough Ryder.” On the September 22nd edition of WWE Saturday Morning Slam, Ryder used the move to defeat William Regal. The move was edited out with a cut away to the crowd on that show. This is due to the show’s rule about no moves that focus on the head or neck area.

Ryder is popular among the kids demographic and the WWE and CW Network recognize the value of him being featured on the program. WWE is still planning to have Ryder in more matches on the program but per the CW Network not wanting to violate their policy involving moves aimed at the neck, it appears that they will have to find another way to end Ryder’s matches on the show.

Overall, the CW Network is said to be happy with the Saturday Morning Slam program and have even told WWE they would like to see more wrestling matches featured on the program.

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