CZW Star Matt Tremont Issues Statement On Health


CZW star Matt Tremont released the following statement on his official Facebook page about his health and pulling off of the CZW Tournament of Death event set for next week:

“This past Saturday I did the ethical and right thing to do by pulling myself from the On Point card and not wrestling on the show. With the news I received on Thursday morning it was the right thing to do for myself and others, as I would not want to continue to risk my own health or anyone Else’s.

If anyone remembers, last year I was in the hospital for over a week with Pancreatic problems (Liver, stomach) issues, which is something I’ve dealt with since I was a teenager.

Mandated by the Commission of Delaware is the testing where they problem was found. Because of my pancreas issues it has conflicted with test results.

With the problem currently undergoing, I am unable to compete at TOD this Saturday as well as other bookings coming up,to those promoters, promotions and fan-bases, I apologize greatly.

I’d like to thank all who have reached out to me via social media etc for there kind words,it’s much appreciated.

As for the negative and naysayers don’t always believe the hype and gain some knowledge and research and don’t garner a dismissive judgment about someone when you know nothing, and post on message boards, etc. about personal matters.

Trying to look at things from a positive spectrum right now as my deteriorating stomach aliment continues to worse in, maybe a Lil time off is for the best till things are 100% and cleared up etc.

Big Thanks to all friends and family with in CZW and elsewhere. Go to TOD on Saturday and enjoy the show,the dub crew is ready to put on a show like no one else can.

Hopefully the Bulldoza will be back in a ring soon, as for Matt Tremont I have some downtime to do a lot of thinking about my future and life. “Patience is a virtue and only time will tell”

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