CZW Star Says He’s Ready For WWE Or TNA


CZW wrestler Blk Jeez recently spoke about working with WWE and TNA, plus more. Check out the highlights:

On appearing for both WWE and TNA: “I enjoyed my experiences with both companies. Basically, I’m at a point where being on the indies isn’t challenging enough anymore. There isn’t anything for me to accomplish on the indies. My appearances with WWE and TNA just confirmed that I have the talent, experience and maturity to make it on that level. That’s where I want to be and that’s where my talents will ultimately take me.”

On working with Ryback in WWE: “Good times. Ryback was professional, safe and easy to work with.”

On what the indy scene needs the most: “There aren’t enough generals left on the indies. A high percentage of the indies are full of weak minded individuals that are too scared to speak up for themselves and lack passion. Too many guys don’t take their craft serious enough in my view. Anyone that does speak up gets labelled as “unprofessional” or as a “hot head” which is ridiculous. If more people conducted themselves as businessmen, things would be better.”

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