CZW Unaware That Nick Gage Was Going To Enter The Ring At “Cage Of Death” Event


Source: Pwinsider

Here are some more details about the conclusion of CZW’s Cage of Death event several weeks ago, which saw Nick Gage and Brett Lauderdale enter the ring and the cage after the show. There has been issues between both parties for some time. Lauderdale worked for CZW in the past and was no longer welcome at their events after a falling out. Gage was formerly a top talent but is now working with Lauderdale on their own Gamechanger promotion, with former CZW names like founder John Zandig.

The plan of an angle at Cage of Death was pitched to DJ Hyde, who turned it down. Giancarlo Dittamo, who worked on booking CZW with Hyde and Sami Callihan, came up with the idea. Even though it was turned down, the idea is that Dittamo did it anyone thinking the show needed a big moment to end things, and didn’t tell anyone. Gage and Lauderdale came into the building and jumped the rail. If Atlas Security had worked the event, it wouldn’t have happened.

Since most of CZW didn’t know what was happening, the show ended with the ring mic being shut off on Gage. The ring then filled up with people waiting for something to happen. Hyde and Matt Tremont shoved around with Gage but there weren’t any more physical altercations. People in the cage weren’t sure if it was a work or not. Dittamo left the building as soon as the event happened and is now gone from the company. It’s believed he was fired and several people are upset because he was good at producing videos and reportedly had a “good mind” to help the product.

CZW has already removed the footage from the Cage of Death event and told their talent not to talk about it publicly. Gagmechanger Wrestling released a video of what appeared to be fan-shot footage, but CZW filed a copyright claim and had it pulled. The police were called but when they got there, Gage, Lauderdale and Dittamo were gone. All of this led to the post-show cleanup being delayed, which caused the building to get upset as they had an event scheduled for the next day. DJ Hyde was said to be very upset and thought it ruined the show.

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