CZW World Champion Shane Strickland Pitches A Idea That Could Possibly Get Roman Reigns Over


The current CZW World Champion, Shane Strickland, was the most recent guest on the WZ Daily podcast. During the interview, Strickland shared an idea/story-line that WWE could use to get the “Big Dog” over with the fans.

Check out Strickland’s pitch:

“Run an angle where Roman gets fired and he’s gone from the company for about two or three months. Not too long. WWE is already doing partnerships with all these indie promotions and they should have Roman go to those shows. Shows that WWE knows they could have a hand in and coddle a little bit. Have him work the guys at those indie promotions that they know they’re going to sign anyway. Guys that they have already talked to and have Roman got over in those promotions. Send him to New Japan, that’s cool, the whole thing is you need to make Roman cool. You need to make him cool with the kids and right now he’s the Uncle that everyone says is cool but you don’t really get along with. He needs to be in the cool gang with his cousins, something that’s just different. When AJ Styles left TNA and he still had the title, he went to New Japan and did all these other cool things. It got AJ Styles over more before he even arrived in the WWE.”


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