D-Bryan’s Concussion ‘Serious’, + Tough Enough Returning?


— As noted earlier, it is now confirmed that Daniel Bryan suffered a concussion during the main event of Monday’s WWE RAW broadcast. WWE has yet to confirm the injury on their website and didn’t address it at Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown TV tapings. The word backstage at the SmackDown tapings on Tuesday is that Bryan didn’t remember much of what happened during the cage match main event on RAW. The concussion is described as “pretty serious”. He underwent testing at the TV tapings and will be undergoing more testing later this week. Of course, he’ll have to pass all of WWE’s imPACT testing before he’s able to return.

— During Tuesday’s WWE Network conference call, WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon noted that reality TV would be a part of the Network when it launches on Monday, February 24th, 2014. With that being said, it appears we may see the return of WWE “Tough Enough” as NXT trainer Bill DeMott tweeted the following on Tuesday:

“This can only mean one thing……. Who thinks they are #ToughEnough”

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