‘Da Pope’ Elijah Burke Issues Statement On His Injury At NWA Hard Times 2


UPDATE x 2: ‘Da Pope’ Elijah Burke took to Twitter on Sunday night to issue a statement on the injury he suffered at Saturday night’s NWA Hard Times 2 pay-per-view event. He said,

“As many of you know I was recently taken by ambulance to a hospital in ATL following @NWA Hard Times 2. I would like to assure you that all is 100% well with Pope. In wrestling we take our bumps & bruises while continually forging ahead. However, today there are certain protocols in effect to ensure the well being of performers like myself and getting medically evaluated and cleared is one of them. I’d like to thank the ENTIRE NWA family, many who gave up hours of their own time to ensure Pope’s safety. Thank You ~PHS

UPDATE: We have a new update on “Da Pope” Elijah Burke’s status following NWA Hard Times 2.

According to a report from Pwinsider, Burke underwent X-Rays and other tests at the hospital last night. The current belief is that he suffered a concussion.

ORIGINAL: The end of the NWA Hard Times 2 pay-per-view on Saturday evening in Atlanta, Georgia saw a top veteran performer for the company rushed to the emergency room with a bad injury after a post-match brawl following the main event.

As noted, Elijah “Pope” Burke was sent to a local medical facility after taking a bad bump into the steel steps during a post-match brawl after the main event of the PPV event.

In an update, PWInsider Elite is reporting that Burke was released from the hospital early Sunday morning. It was also noted in the report that he will be kept from competing in anything physical at the NWA POWERRR television taping this evening.

We will keep you posted here at eWrestlingNews.com as updates continue to surface regarding the condition of NWA star Elijah “Pope” Burke.

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