Daffney’s Wrestling Career Finished? (Audio), JBL/MITB


— While speaking with Diva-Dirt.com, Daffney revealed that she doesn’t think she will be able to wrestle again as a result of her injuries.

First, she gave an update on the status of her lawsuit against TNA, which she filed two years ago. She said: “People expected it to be resolved very quickly, but just know that we’re doing everything we can to move it along as quickly as possible but it takes two sides. It’s still ongoing.”

She filed the suit because she believes that TNA put her in an unsafe working environment. She said that because of her injuries she doesn’t think she’ll be able to wrestle again. She added: “I don’t think I’m going to be able to wrestle anymore,” she said. “It’s really hard. I think if I got in the ring and took any more bumps, I wouldn’t be able to function as a normal human being. It would just be too hard on my body.”

— JBL posted a video in which he reviews last night’s WWE Money in the Bank PPV. He defended WWE not having AJ do anything in terms of making a decision to either CM Punk or Daniel Bryan.

He said: “You anticipated, you waited…nothing happened. Alfred Hitchock says the bomb under the table should never go off. That’s what I loved about this match is you waited for her to do something – she never did.”

He also praised the rest of the roster that appeared on the show.

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