Daivari ‘Suspended’ From MLW, CONTRA Unit ‘Fined’


Major League Wrestling (MLW) sent out the following press release on Saturday, announcing that Daivari has been “suspended” and CONTRA Unit has been “fined” after their actions during last week’s MLW ‘Never Say Never’ event. Of course, this is all storyline related.

You can check out the official announcement below:


CONTRA fined, Daivari suspended

MLW moves swiftly to sanction CONTRA for championship fight conduct

“The prestige and integrity of championship bouts is paramount to the league,” said MLW CEO & Founder Court Bauer. “What went down in the closing moments of Tankman-Fatu was outrageous.”

Many share Bauer’s sentiment with CONTRA’s conduct during and perhaps before the match, with Tankman suffering food poisoning. However, it was the closing moments of the championship bout that enraged many with Daivari’s involvement having a direct impact on the outcome of the championship fight.

Now, league officials are holding CONTRA accountable. Moments ago, the league suspended Daivari for 2 months for his involvement in the outcome of the title fight. Further, the league has fined CONTRA Unit an undisclosed amount.

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