Dakota Kai Turns Her Back On Raquel Gonzalez, Kyle O’Reilly Attacks Adam Cole


On Tuesday night’s episode of WWE NXT, the unthinkable happened when we saw Dakota Kai turn her back on her best friend and NXT Women’s Champion, Raquel Gonzalez. After Raquel cut a promo about how she has dominated the NXT Women’s Division, Kai took the mic and went on about how much Gonzalez has been ruling the division and promised that as long as she’s had Raquel’s back, Raquel will always be champion.

Gonzalez began celebrating and climbing the turnbuckle to taunt the crowd, but when she came down Kai delivered a running kick to the champion’s head. Kai then grabbed the title and held it over Gonzalez before dropping it on the champion and heading to the locker room.


The saga between Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly is far from over. Adam Cole picked up a win over Bronson Reed on this week’s episode of WWE NXT. After the match, O’Reilly came down and waffled him with a chair before battering him with it. He then threw the top half of the steel steps to the side and suplexed Cole onto the bottom half, right on his neck. You can check out some highlights from the segment below:

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