Damian Priest Discusses A Feud Between The Judgment Day vs. The Bloodline


During a recent interview with SportsKeeda, Damian Priest commented on the possibility of a feud between the Judgement Day and the Bloodline. He said,

“That’s something that we’ve talked about and we’ll get there. Yes, we’re very conscious of — we need to get there. We can’t just do it just because — as you know, I mean, you’re talking about three people that are right now, and I’m in the company saying this and I have no issue saying it because it’s the truth, they’re on another level that nobody else in the company is on. So we need to get there. That’s a goal for all of us. That’s where we want to be. So yes, but when the time is right, we want to earn it. We want to earn our place, and we want to get there so that we can do really crazy business with them.“

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