Damian Priest On Celebrities In Wrestling, The Importance Of Training And Respect


During a recent interview with CBS Sports, Damien Priest discussed the presence of celebrities in wrestling and used his experience with Bad Bunny as example.

Priest noted that Bad Bunny’s attitude was the right one and recalled Randy Orton praising the artist: “Being honest, just like the fans, when you see an outsider you [groan]. Just because we’re so passionate about it. Not that we have a problem with that person. We’re just passionate about our business. We like it being treated as such. Someone like Bad Bunny coming in, of course, there are going to be eye rolls and whatnot. But then you see the other side and it’s like, ‘Oh, no. He’s one of us.’ Seeing things like, for instance, we were walking backstage. At that time it was the Thunderdome. Randy Orton stops because he was crossing like us, he stops and says, ‘Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for showing us the respect like no other. People don’t usually do it this way and I just want to say thank you and you’ve earned our respect.’ It wasn’t even about me. I was just standing there and I thought that was one of the coolest things ever… Bad Bunny actually understood how big that was. He was so humbled by that.”

Proper training but also being crazy enough are necessary: “I only have the one experience, but it would have to be how much work they want to put in. While it’s fun and everything, it’s serious business. If you’re not trained correctly and not doing everything properly, it can be very dangerous. I would say that’s the most challenging part. How are the people coming in? How are they going to co-exist with our world? Johnny [Knoxville] has made multiple appearances. He’s been around and so we already know that he fits right in. Plus, he’s crazy like the rest of us so that always helps… It’s hard for somebody to do just do this and be good at it when they come from another world.”

Being creative is something Damian Priest thrives off: “I’m fortunate that, for whatever reason, usually when I’m feeling that type of pressure and back against the wall situation that I have to figure out right now, I’m actually pretty good at that. I figure it out somehow. I’ve been fortunate with that. I love the idea of having to be creative. I have to keep the wheels in my mind turning and figuring it out. I like that pressure because I have to do be successful. Then I was the United States champion Damian Priest where now I’m literally one of the faces because I’m a representative as a champion. We morphed that into the Damian and Priest, diving into why that’s my name and having both sides to me. Everybody has it in them to be mean and have rage and have a dark side. We make conscious decisions to let it out or not… Now I feel like I’m getting closer to really me. I’m just going to have fun and be a badass and wreak havoc. I’m really going to enjoy this. This is the best Damian Priest we’ve seen. I’m really excited about my direction right now.”

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