Damian Priest On The Differences Between Being A Wrestler & WWE Superstar, Vince McMahon’s Claims


Former WWE United States Champion Damian Priest recently spoke with Vibe and Wrestling and commented on Vince McMahon saying there’s a difference between being a wrestler and a WWE Superstar, the best advice he’s ever received, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Vince McMahon saying there’s a difference between a wrestler and a WWE Superstar: “The way he explained it was perfect. It is clear that I am a wrestler and that I am a professional and that is why I trained for, but I am a WWE Superstar and that is something else. Anyone can be a wrestler but there is only one place where you can be a WWE Superstar and that is obviously in WWE. For me that was the dream, I always wanted to be a Superstar and I love that the nickname or name that he gives us is that one because it is special and we deserve a name like that”.

On the best advice he’s ever received: “What changed my life was when Triple H told me: ‘I want to see the person I’m seeing here in the ring. When you’re between the ropes you’re playing the role of a wrestler but I don’t want that, I want to see someone else. When you learn to be yourself you will have an amazing career.’ When he told me that I didn’t understand because I thought: ‘How is that? How are you telling me that I don’t know how to be myself?’ Until one day I realized what he was saying and I understood everything. I don’t know why but it’s hard to be yourself in front of the camera because it changes the way you talk, the way you walk… everything, and the day came when I relaxed and began to enjoy myself. Every day that I go on stage I am enjoying my tempo, even when I take hits I enjoy it so for me that was the best advice”.

On if wrestling is an art: “It is a business of opinions but at the end of the day it is art. We know that when we go out we are going to hit each other and we are going to hit hard, but there is a way to do it without going over. You want your opponent to feel the blows but not to harm them for the future, so that they can wrestle tomorrow, that is the idea and sometimes it is difficult, sometimes there are mistakes, for example, the clothesline you speak hurt me more because they gave four stitches in my arm. I hit him and the damage was for me but those things happen. It is a very difficult profession in which you have to be incredibly careful because, as you say, we have to hit; It’s very physical but you have to do it the right way because there is a right way and to be in WWE you have to be the best of the bests. Yes, for me it is art because you have to study and know the position of all the keys, locks and blows and everything to be able to do it correctly and not hurt the other person”.

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