Damian Priest Reacts To Tony Khan Purchasing Ring Of Honor, More


WWE Superstar Damian Priest recently appeared on the “SHAK Wrestling” podcast and commented on AEW President Tony Khan purchasing Ring of Honor, the future of the company, his WrestleMania dream moment, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the ROH hiatus: “Initially, when they said they were gonna cancel contracts and take a break, honestly, it comes down to the boys and the girls. Like, these are friends. These are human beings. So initially, it sucks and it’s heartbreaking. I was like ‘oh man.’ People are out of work. But then the other side kind of kicks in and it’s like, ‘Man, but these people are too incredible to not be successful.’ You know what I mean? Like there’s too much talent. And clearly, everybody’s okay. Everybody’s fine.”

On his reaction to Tony Khan purchasing ROH: “With the purchase, it’s good. It’s going to stay alive. That’s good for the business. That’s good for everybody. And at least that legacy of Ring of Honor won’t die, you know what I mean? I think that’s always, that’s cool. And I don’t know whatever plans they have but hopefully, it just continues giving people opportunities for a platform to enjoy their lives and follow their dreams. So I’m all for it. I’m happy that things didn’t just fade away for that brand.”

On his WrestleMania dream moment: “It sucks because you have your idols and favorites and you don’t want to beat them up. At the same time, if it was in a different era, just standing and holding a title above my shoulders with the lying body of The Undertaker. But of out of respect. Obviously, he’s my idol and means the world to me. So, being able to have a moment at WrestleMania with him and winning the big one to go off the air, that would be special. But now, in this era, anybody who has a major championship is at the top of their game. So whoever is the champion, ideally, I want to stand above that person to go off the air at WrestleMania.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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