Damian Priest Reveals What’s Next For The Judgment Day Faction, More


During a recent appearance on the “Battleground Podcast”, WWE Superstar Damian Priest commented on what’s next for The Judgment Day faction, their plans to start winning titles, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On what’s next for The Judgment Day: “We’re so focused right now on what’s at hand, right? We got Hell in a Cell, we got the six-person tag, it’s a big deal. We got to come in firing on all cylinders and make this really special, you know, but the goal is always the same. From Monday to Monday, premium live event to premium live event, create a moment, and do something special. Let them keep talking about it the next day or the week after, the next year, you know what I mean? So, that’s where we’re at right now.”

On their plans to start winning titles: “As soon as we’re done and, we’ve now dominated this part of what we’re doing, where are we dominating next? I just made reference to somebody else joining, that could be a thing. He’s also made a reference to us winning all the titles. So at some point, we’re gonna have to start facing some champions. So there’s that. So it’s, it’s all open season for us, man. Rhea has to go out there and continue dominating the women’s division, but she’s going to do it on a different level now. If the girls had a tough time dealing with her before, they stand even less of a chance now. She’s just on a different level mentally, and I see it. Now physically, she’s training in [such] a different way that she’s even — I mean, I had to tell her the other day, ‘You’ve got to slow down. You are making Edge and I look bad.’”

On adding more members to the group: “That’s the plan [to remain unstoppable]. That’s where we are and if we have to add more members that we feel are the right fit, we will. If we just stay as is and then Dominate and take as many titles as we can, we will. That is the Judgment Day way right now. just do what we have to do to make this thing incredible, unforgettable, and legendary.”

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