Damien Sandow Speaks Out – Survivor Series, Cody Rhodes


Credit: Marvel.com


Damien Sandow recently spoke about Survivor Series, Cody Rhodes and more. Here are the highlights…

Did He Read Comics as a Kid?: As a child I was not allowed to read those things. Grandma Sandow would read from the likes of “War and Peace” for my bedtime stories. And as I developed into a teenager, it was something that I never, ever, got the opportunity to dive into. However with all these movies coming out it’s impossible to go outside without being influenced by [them] and I’ve actually seen quite a few: “Marvel’s The Avengers,” “Iron Man,” and there is quite an interest. I can only wonder if I was somewhat deprived as a child from being told I can’t read comic books and things of that sort.

On Trying to Use Debate Before Resorting to Physical Altercations: Perhaps before we go banging things with a hammer or flying through the air smashing spaceships and doing lord knows what with lord knows who, we can sit down, and attempt to talk our problems out. Reason should be the spearhead in the weapon of combat. Before physical combat is even engaged, combat of reason and intellects should be engaged, because if we can do that, we can save ourselves a lot of trouble, a lot of physical and mental anguish.

On His Friendship With Cody Rhodes: Off the top of my head, there are flaws with everyone, which is testament to Cody Rhodes in his intellect as a gentleman. I am very particular about whom I associate with, and I will neither associate with a brute, ruffian, or an ill-mannered ignoramus. You know, Cody has all those bases covered in that he is a gentleman, he knows how to conduct himself in and out of the ring and it is a pleasure tagging with him.

On Sunday’s Survivor Series Match: Well number one because I am on it. Number two, because Mick Foley’s team is named after someone who is not even competing in the match. And if you look at, on one hand you have myself and Cody, and then Kane and Daniel Bryan. Cody and I have proven that we have the ability to beat Kane and Daniel Bryan in the past, you have Wade Barrett, a bare-knuckle fighter versus Kofi Kingston, the man jumps around now claiming he can fly. He actually has a t-shirt that says “I Can Fly”—that’s ridiculous. Does the man think he’s Spider-Man or Iron Man, with his suit on, claiming he has the ability to fly through the air like some kind of a bird? No. Then we have Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton; Alberto clearly demonstrates class in and out of the ring. Whereas Randy Orton names himself after a reptile and then you have the Miz, who was on our team and now switched to this team so the man can’t even make up his mind. So it logically dictates which team will be the victors this Sunday.

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