​Dana White Discusses CM Punk’s UFC Future + Greg Hardy To UFC? – Video


As Andy reported earlier here on eWrestlingNews.com, Dana White spoke with FOX Sports 1 yesterday and discussed CM Punk’s future in the UFC, saying that he’s not likely to continue fighting with the organization. Some additional highlights and a video can be seen below

On Punk’s future in the company: “Is CM Punk going to be a guy who is going to stay in the UFC and continue to fight? Probably not. But he wanted to try it. I like the guy. I respect the guy. He wanted to fight in the UFC. He wanted to do it. He trained for two years, and he did it.”

On whether he’ll pick up former NFL player Greg Hardy: “There’s been situations like Brock Lesnar who came in and wanted to do it, and obviously that one turned out well. Then obviously we had the CM Punk thing. It just depends. I wouldn’t say that I’m looking for retired NFL players for pay-per-view or anything like that. I just don’t know what the real interest is in seeing some of these guys fights or even if it makes sense.”

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