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NewsAEWDanhausen Makes An Appearance On Being The Elite (Recap/Video)

Danhausen Makes An Appearance On Being The Elite (Recap/Video)



Newly signed AEW star Danuausen made an appearance on this week’s episode of “Being the Elite” (BTE). You can check out some highlights and a video of the episode below:

* We start with the Young Bucks digging their rental out of the show before last week’s episode of Dynamite and complaining that they’re not even supposed to be there today. They say it’s insane and complain about how their $1,000 shoes are ruined. Nick points out the sacrifices they make to film BTE, noting that this isn’t for Dynamite or Rampage because they’re not on this week. They then drive their way to the arena.


* Hook is backstage looking at his phone when Michael Nakazawa appears and asks the camera, “Hey, are you guys happy? He’s on the show.” He walks off and Hook barely looks up.

* 2point0 are at their merch desk talking about how they’ve been BTE Champions for so long and are the greatest BTE Champions of all time. They talk about “Blondie,” Renee Paquette, and how they were in Cleveland last week and Renee was in town to support her man. They gave her a chance at a shot at the title, but after they had a match they went into her DMs for the match and she left the show early to take care of the baby. They say she promised to be there in Chicago last week but no-showed. They say it’s over, they tried to set up tournaments and challengers but everyone’s dodging and they’ll be champions forever.

* Leva Bates walks up to Serpentico and asks if she can have one of his Cheetos, but he pulls the bag away. She is annoyed and he puts the bag in his pocket. She says he’s right, she doesn’t need the Cheeto as it’s not good for her diet. She pats his back, puttinig a “Kick Me” sign on it, and walks away. Luther walks up, reads the note and low-blows him before taking the Cheetos and walking off.

* Ryan Nemeth is in Hollywood at the Jackass Forever premiere. He thinks it’s not too late to get a part in the movie, and says he’s friends with all the guys but can’t get their names right. Obviously the movie is already finished, but he says it’s Hollywood and dreams come true so he’s going to ask for a cameo tonight. Asked for any last words for his fans, he says watch out for rattlesnakes in your trousers.

* Matt Jackson is backstage with Cutler, and he’s angry because of Christopher Daniels scaring him in every corner, giving him the creeps. He says the worst thing CD did is scare his little brother. He says he’s led Nick into tag team glory and done everything for him. So they’re going to find Daniels, Cutler will hand Matt the cold spray, Matt will hand it back and Cutler will spray it in Daniels’ good eye to blind him. They go to sneak up on Daniels, and Cutler sprays him but it’s Nick.

Matt takes Nick to the doctor’s office and Daniels appears in front of an alone Cutler. He asks what all the ruckus is, and Cutler says he accidentally sprayed cold spray in Nick’s eye. Daniels says Cutler’s given him no other choice: he needs Cutler to fill out an incident report, he’ll fill it out in triplicate and get it on the injury report. Daniels tells him to be more careful next time and vanishes. Matt walks up behind Cutler and scares him, so Cutler sprays him in the eyes. Matt says “Oh my god, I feel like Bret Hart at WrestleMania 9!” He says he should fire Cutler, and he has to go to the doctor. Cutler says he needs another incident report.

* Danhausen is filmed backstage taking stuff from catering, and Nakazawa again shows up to say, “Hey, are you guys happy now? He’s on the show.”

* Adam Cole prepares for bed in his hotel room, and he rolls into the middle between John Silver and Alex Reynolds. They lay down and SIlver and Reynolds congratulate Cole on beating the s**t out of Evil Uno, saying “He’s a prick and he deserves it.” Cole tries to get comfortable and tries multiple positions but it doesn’t seem to help. Cole says it won’t work and asks Britt Baker (who’s in another bed by herself) for help getting them out of here. Baker says “What the f**k?” and tells them to get out. They go, and Silver doesn’t have pants on. He asks them to email his pants to him and leave. Cole asks Britt wants him to stay in his bed or join her, she looks dumbfounded by the whole situation.

* The Bucks return to California where the weather is better, and Nick says “This is why we’ll pay the taxes” and go through the travel and everything else.

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