Daniel Bryan Admits He’s In His Last Run As A Full-Time WWE Superstar


Daniel Bryan knows that he’s in the early stages of being a full-time WWE star. 

He admitted it during an appearance on Friday’s episode of Talking Smack. Here is what he had to say: 

“Actually, to be fair, I am not one of the oldest guys in the locker room,” Bryan said. “I just act the oldest. [Laughs] It’s that dad life.”

“I haven’t said anything about this, but in my mind, this is kind of my last run,” Bryan said. “You know what I mean? This is my last run as a full-time Superstar.

“It’s not really a scoop, I think you can feel it in even just the way that I approach things, and the way that my mentality is, as far as my view towards younger people and all that kind of stuff,” Bryan continued. “As I’m doing this last run. My thing isn’t, ‘I gotta prove to everybody that I’m the best.’ When I’m out there, I’m proving things to myself and I want things better for the younger talent.”

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