Daniel Bryan Congratulates ROH + CM Punk DVD Update


— WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan posted the following last night, regarding ROH’s 10th anniversary… “Congratulations to Ring of Honor for celebrating their 10th Anniversary tonight… I wouldn’t be where I am today without the people there.” For what it’s worth, the crowd at last night’s ROH 10th Anniversary show chanted “YES!! YES!! YES!!” after every match and during intermission last night. That was awesome.

— WWE started filming footage for the upcoming CM Punk DVD today.

— Punk tweeted the following about the DVD today, saying the following…

Oh hey. Day 1 of filming for this little DVD thing I’m doing. No time like 5:30 AM to capture my true crabby essence.

Man. This DVD is going to be so great. #LWF #MAW #SDW #IWA #IWC #ROH #OVW #WWE”

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