Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan – “I get Depressed When I Travel in Cities!”


Former ROH Superstar and WWE creative team member Jimmy Jacobs has launched his own pro wrestling podcast. In a recent preview/hype clip that was released this week, Daniel Bryan says he gets “depressed” when he visits cities with a lot of “non-living things.” He said,

“When I’m in cities around a lot of non-living things, I am more likely to be depressed than I am when I’m in Washington, when I’m around trees. “When I finally accepted, after I was forced to retire, that like, I’m having a mental breakdown, I went to, like…this wasn’t the right thing to do, to leave, like, I said to Brie, I said, like…’I have to go to Washington.’ She still had other things that she had to do, I said, ‘I have to go.’ And she met me there like a month later, but I spent a month in Washington, just like, with my mom, with a couple of my friends, and just like, walking in the woods, like, just this really…like, [just] being. Like, I believe in the healing nature of trees, like, it’s a weird thing, but I’ve also read a book about it, so it’s like, it makes me a little more justified as opposed to me being some weird mystic or something, you know? But, like…I’m constantly…when I’m walking, I’m like, touching trees…”

D-Bryan has been off TV as of late due to suffering an undisclosed injury at WrestleMania 35. WWE is keeping the injury a closely guarded secret as we reported yesterday here on eWn.

The complete Daniel Bryan/Jimmy Jacobs podcast, titled “Jimmy Jacobs Doesn’t Know,” will be released on Wednesday, May 1 on iTunes and other social media platforms.

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