Daniel Bryan Meets 7-Year-Old Boy With Cancer


Pittsburgh’s CBS affiliate has a story about a young boy with cancer meeting his favorite WWE superstar, Daniel Bryan.

The 7-year old boy, Connor Michalek, attended the RAW event at the CONSOL Energy Center and then met both Daniel Bryan and Kane.

He was diagnosed with cancer of the brain and spine when he was three years old. He has had several surgeries and doses of chemotherapy. A Youtube video was placed online in which he asked if he could beat Bryan, who is his favorite wrestler. The video spread on social media and local radio stations. Not only did Connor get to beat Bryan, but he was allowed to put him in the “No Lock”.

Bryan said: “It kinda brings a tear to my eye to know somebody like Connor wants to meet somebody like me, so that’s kinda cool.”

Connor was given a one percent chance of survival but he’s still alive and keeping an upbeat attitude. When he plays wrestling games with his younger brother Jack, he says his name is “Stone Crusher”. His brother is “Jack the Ripper”.

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