Daniel Bryan On Who He Wants To Face At WrestleMania 31, + Who Would Induct Him Into The HOF?


Here are highlights from a new Miami Herald interview with Daniel Bryan:

On possibly wrestling Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31: “Facing Brock Lesnar is my ultimate dream match for WrestleMania 31. If you asked me right now what would be your ideal situation for WrestleMania 31, it would be wrestling Brock Lesnar for the WWE world heavyweight championship in the main event. I think Brock Lesnar is the ultimate monster. He is the beast, but I also think I’m the ultimate underdog. I think it’s something the fans want to see. I definitely want to see it. So that’s what I’m hoping for.”

On his upcoming autobiography: “At first I was going to write it myself. Then I was doing so much physical therapy and all that stuff, I didn’t think I was able to do it. We had somebody that helped me write it. Then we got the first draft, and he did a really good job, but it wasn’t my voice. My career has been very different with different stories and experiences. It’s hard for anybody else to express that. Then all of a sudden you have this first draft of the first attempt on the book, and I didn’t think it was working. So since November, I went back to writing it myself again. Then because the first draft was due actually on Thursday when SmackDown moved to Thursday nights, I’ve been writing like 2,000 words a day. So when everyone is off talking and getting ready for SmackDown, I’m working to get the first draft done.”

On who he would want to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame: “I actually haven’t really thought about it, but if I were to be, I would want William Regal to do the honors. He has been the influential person in my career by far. So I would want him. Plus he is a great speaker. I think he would be great.”

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