Daniel Bryan Provides Update On If WWE has Cleared To Him Wrestle


WWE SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan was interviewed by Peter Rosenberg after Clash of Champions. Daniel was involved in a dispute with Shane McMahon at the event and even took a (very small) bump during the match. Here is what Bryan had to say about his in-ring status after Clash of Champions:

“We’re still at the ‘No, you’re not wrestling again’ part of that conversation, BUT… I have presented them with my case, which is a lot of testing and all that kind of stuff which shows, ‘hey, I’m fine’

And so, uh, it’s interesting. It’s an interesting situation. But that has also caused a little rift between me and the commissioner, Shane McMahon, who is Vince McMahon’s son, because there’s like, I don’t know, there’s all this stuff going on. We work together really well, but we also have some beef.”

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