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NewsDaniel Bryan Reacts To WWE's Recent New Signings, His WWE Return Plans...

Daniel Bryan Reacts To WWE’s Recent New Signings, His WWE Return Plans & WWE 2K15



The Miami Herald recently
former WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan, who
discussed his return to the ring, WWE 2K15, and more. Below are some

His thoughts on WWE 2K15: “I haven’t had a video game
system since the Nintendo. Then, all of sudden, you see these new games, and
they are so lifelike. I was playing the ‘WWE 2K15.’ I was Cesaro versus Goldust.
I was like, ‘This is incredible. This is actually what Cesaro looks like.’ Randy
Orton has this scar on his hand, and it’s in the video game. It’s

The latest on when he thinks he will return: “It’s hard
because I don’t have a timetable of when I’m coming back. Say if I get another
surgery, it’s going to be another three months. Three months ago in WWE it was
different than what it is right now, so it’s hard to tell [who I would be
working against when I return].”

His thoughts on new WWE signings: “The guys who get to
wrestle Kenta, for one, they are going to be very sore because he kicks very
hard. Two, they are going to learn a lot. It’s the same thing for guys like Sami
Zayn and Kevin Steen and Devitt. Those guys are going to do really well, but the
people who wrestle them are going to learn a lot.”

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