Daniel Bryan Speaks On Lana’s In-Ring Debut, Women’s MITB Ladder Match, Luke Harper Losing Momentum – More


The current GM of Smackdown Live; Daniel Bryan, recently talked with FOX Sports regarding his life now that he is a father, the Money In The Bank PPV, the utilization of current Smackdown Live stars & much more.

Here are the highlights:

Bryan’s Experience Being A Father Thus Far:

“I would say so, I was gearing up; people had told me that so much: that I was gearing up for this big priority change, right? But it’s interesting in how and what that really means as opposed to what you think that means in your mind. So like, I always considered myself the world’s most patient man and Brie considers me the world’s most patient man. Since I’ve had the baby I’ve realized ‘hey, I’m not the world’s most patient man and I need to work on my patience.’”

“One of the things it’s really inspired me to do is really make… to really look at myself and ‘how do I be the best possible father for my baby?’ And ‘how do I be the best possible role model?’ And ‘what are changes that I need to make to make her life better’ and that sort of thing. It’s just a whole new type of responsibility.”

Women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match Outcome:

“I was disappointed and I think if it were like the fifth Women’s Money In The Bank match, right, I wouldn’t be so disappointed, because that’s a part of WWE, it’s a part of sports entertainment that stuff like that happens. But, I think when you build something up as far as like ‘hey, this is this really important moment for women in WWE,’ and then a man is the one who climbs up to the top and grabs the briefcase; I think that that really rubs people the wrong way and it sends the wrong message and I don’t have any way to gauge people’s response to that other than Twitter, which I think is not a very good metric. But, it’s still one metric that we have and so the Twitter response that I got when I was looking through it, from female fans, they didn’t like it at all. I hope we can fix the wrongs tomorrow.”

AJ Styles Hanging From The Chain That Held The Briefcase Last Night:


“It’s interesting, because when you’re faced with real danger, they say that you don’t really think anything. That’s when your mind is actually completely in the moment, is when you’re facing that. That’s what I feel, there’s no words when I’m falling off a ladder, doing something like that, that I think as I’m going through my head. Other than just a guttural sound that just like an “AHHHHH!” That’s the same thing that’s going on in my brain.”

Lana’s WWE In-Ring Debut:

“I don’t know. So, watching it, it was interesting watching it, because I would have liked to have seen more of a fan reaction to it. That’s also hard because they followed the Women’s Money In The Bank match and then the Usos-New Day match and so I think with the Usos walking out and the James Ellsworth thing, I think people were, I don’t know, people were already kind of down, so it was hard to gauge. I thought, technically, she did very well but, now the standard of women’s wrestling has really been elevated, so when new women come in, there’s a new bar that has been set that they need to reach. I’m not quite sure they reached it.”

Luke Harper Losing Momentum:

“I think that he’s somebody that we can utilize better. When he left the Wyatt Family, I thought the fans were really starting to get behind him and his match with Randy Orton, gosh, I loved his match with Randy Orton. It was the February pay-per-view… Elimination Chamber. His match with Randy Orton at that pay-per-view was outstanding and every time you see him, he’s dynamic. The crowd gets behind him and then you just kind of lose him on TV to where we don’t really see him much. I think we’re really losing out on that, but I think that about several people. I think that specifically about: Luke Harper, I’m a big Luke Harper proponent but, also of American Alpha, Sami Zayn, even The Colons. I think that we have a lot of good talent on SmackDown that we could utilize a little bit better.”

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