Daniel Bryan Speaks Out On Brock Lesnar, Hardy vs. MVP, More


— Matt Hardy and MVP will face off tonight in Nashville for the Crossfire promotion. Matt Hardy tweeted that he’s going to fight MVP “one last time”. The match will main event the show. Other names scheduled to compete include Kid Kash, Jerry Lynn, “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan, Diamonds in the Rough, Shark Boy, Brian Christopher, Wolfie D., and Reby Sky. For more information, visit http://www.crossfirellc.vze.com/

Daniel Bryan recently spoke with BustedRadio about his recent success, Brock Lesnar and more. Check out the highlights:

On his recent success: “It’s strange. I’m not someone who people are supposed to like. It’s interesting because there is a small percentage of people who really like me and love chanting “Yes! Yes! Yes!” But there is also people who hate me, but also enjoy chanting Yes! Because I just think it’s a fun thing to chant. So it’s made for a very interesting dynamic. Then there is people who like to chant No! When Alberto Del Rio is out there, they like chanting Si!. It’s been a fun little roller coaster ride. People who are cheering for me and who even though they might be in the minority a little bit, I feel like they are almost dissenting against the WWE because they just like the way I perform.”

On Brock Lesnar: “I think Brock Lesnar’s impact has been positive. He has made the shows more exciting. I always like it when you bring in a guy like that who can really change the business and make a big difference. I would actually love to do a match with Brock. I know that’s probably not in the cards, but I feel like I can have a different type of match with him more than anybody else on the roster. As far as how everybody else feels about him, I know some people who don’t like it, focusing on a guy who doesn’t come to all the shows and who doesn’t do live shows, but I feel like anybody who increases interest and increases business helps all of us.”

— Hulk Hogan will have a cameo in a new film called Zombie Hamlet, playing a character named Mr. MacBeth. The film co-stars June Lockhart, Jason Mewes, John Amos and John DeLancie. Here is a trailer:

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