Daniel Bryan Speaks Out – WWE Travel, Goals, Ryback


Credit: CT.com

Daniel Bryan recently spoke about a number of topics, including physical pain he deals with from wrestling, getting burnt out from WWE’s brutal travel schedule. Here are the highlights…

Dealing With Physical Pain from Wrestling: “Well, for right now, I’m not in any pain whatsoever. It’s just times when you have a nagging injury and you don’t have any time off, that’s when that nagging injury can become something like, ‘Oh, it’s hard to sleep because this is bothering me.'”

How He Deals With The Demanding WWE Schedule: “I don’t really feel like it’s that grueling. The most grueling part to me is waking up at 6 a.m. to take a flight because it’s hard for me to get back to sleep. As long as I’m not flying, it’s not grueling for me at all. I enjoy being on the road. I’m a gentleman of the road!”

His “Road Wife” & A Funny Ryback Story: “Right now, my road wife is the Ryback [Laughs] and Cody Rhodes. We don’t have any particular good road stories because I feel like we’re kind of boring. We just kind of drive to the next town. But what me and Cody really like to do is make up stories about the Ryback and then spread them amongst the locker room. For example, yesterday, we were working out in a gym. He was doing kettle bell snatches with only 35 pounds. You look at him, and you’d think, ‘Oh! This guy is way stronger,’ but he was lifting this kettle bell and he couldn’t control it, and it hit him in the eye and now he’s got a black eye. That story spread throughout the locker room all day yesterday.”

CM Punk’s Recent Promo About Vince McMahon & How He’d Never Picture Punk & Bryan Wrestling Main Event: “Oh, I think one year ago he would have said that. One year ago, he would have been like, ‘Daniel Bryan’s going to be in a WWE Championship match at a pay-per-view? [Incredulously] No! Against CM Punk? No!’ [Laughs] I’m absolutely certain that’s correct. The 10-year time frame is a little longer than it should have been. He could have said a year ago and been accurate.”

His Goals In WWE: “Well, for me, it’s all about enjoying my life. I don’t have a specific goal set like that necessarily. I just want to, at the end of my life, look back on it and be like, ‘Yeah, I enjoyed that,’ because as far as we know, we only get one life, and I want it to be good. I don’t want to waste it. I wrestle because I love to wrestle, so for me, [my goal is] to keep enjoying it. You see a lot of people lose their passion for it, and I don’t ever want that to happen.”

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