Daniel Bryan Speaks On Possibly Returning To In-Ring Action, Says He Was Cleared To Wrestle But Not By WWE Medics


Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion & current Smackdown Live GM Daniel Bryan, spoke to The Wrap about doing everything that he possibly can, to get back in the ring. Bryan discusses the current status of his possible return, what WWE’s medics had to say about it & much more.

Here are the highlights:

Bryan“I’m not convinced that there is anything the WWE could hear that would change their opinions. The difficulty is in the testing for concussion protocols; there’s too much liability involved. Everybody agrees that they think my brain is fine now, right? But there’s nothing to say that if something else happens, something bad couldn’t happen. So, that kind of liability when it’s a billion dollar company with lots of people who work there, they don’t want to see that happen to me, with my family, I have a new daughter. They don’t want to see that happen where there would be a huge lawsuit, that would hurt their ability to employ as many people as they do.”

“If you were to just go by the concussion experts that I saw, I was cleared to wrestle, WWE’s head of Medical did not clear me. That showed a slowing of the Temporoparietal region of my brain, so that’s the one thing that kind of flagged me.”


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