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NewsDaniel Bryan Wants to Wrestle into His 70s, 'Months Before He Dies'

Daniel Bryan Wants to Wrestle into His 70s, ‘Months Before He Dies’



During an interview with Sports Illustrated, Daniel Bryan discussed his journey back from what was believed to be a career-ending injury:

“I did not think I would ever be back here in the manner I am now. I felt, at first, like it showed a little bit in my work that I was gone. I felt like, ‘I feel good, I feel like I move smoothly in the ring, but mentally I can’t work as fast as I did before.’ That’s what happens.
“My last full year was 2013, and I did 227 matches. When you’re doing 227 matches, it’s hard on your body but you’re firing on all cylinders mentally. There is great value in repetition. It took me some time to get back to that place. Every time someone grabbed me or every time I was in a situation, I needed to get back to that place where I knew exactly what to do.”

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Furthermore, Bryan would go on to say that he wants to wrestle forever. The man once known as the best in the world on the independent scene would go so far as to say he wants to wrestle in his seventies, months before he dies:

“There are people who say, ‘I only want to do this for three or four more years,’ or ‘I only want to do this until I’m 45,’. No. I want to do this until I’m 70. Months before I die, I want to be doing a wrestling show. I won’t be able to do the stuff I do now, but I want to go out and do this thing I’ve been passionate about wrestling my entire life. I want to do that my whole life.”

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