Daniel Bryan Wants William Regal To Manage Him + More News


— The 8/13 edition of WWE Monday night RAW had 299,000 homes watching on DVR or tape delay. The 8/20 edition of the show had 361,000 homes watching on DVR or tape delay.

— WWE’s YouTube channel has posted several videos of Jerry Lawler, including his match against Tazz at SummerSlam 2000 as well as a RAW match from November 2001. In addition to that, they’ve posted his classic AWA World title match against Curt Hennig from 1988.

— Daniel Bryan revealed in an interview with WWE Magazine that he has talked to William Regal about potentially being his on-air manager. Here is what he had to say…

“I would love to have William Regal as my manager and we’ve actually talked about it. There are so many entertaining bits we could do. He’s such an entertaining character, so we’ve got some ideas, and I would love to do it.”

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