Daniel Bryan On If He Will Ever Wrestle Again, His Feud With The Miz, More


WWE Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan recently spoke with Gorilla Position about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On if we’ll ever see Daniel Bryan back in the ring again:

“If you were to ask WWE the answer would be no.”

On if there will be a payoff to his feud with The Miz?:

“As far as I know, no. The one thing about [WWE] and any form of entertainment or fighting or sport is ‘never say never’. I keep working on the doctor stand point of it, I was like ok, ‘is there anything more I can do to get cleared?’ And right now I’ve done everything I can possibly do. It’s an unfortunate scenario to me, but at the same time I’m very grateful for the amount of time I’ve had being able to do this. WWE gave me this amazing platform. I wrestled in front of 30,000 people for New Japan, but I was on the undercard. [WWE] was an opportunity to wrestle front of thousands of people.”

You can watch the interview here:

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