​Daniel Cormier Says WWE Made The Right Move With Kevin Owens, & More


UFC fighter Daniel Cormier recently posted a new editorial column on Champions.co, discussing the WWE Universal Champion. Here are some highlights

I’ve always loved pro wrestling. I love the stories they tell, how matches build to a crescendo with all the near falls and false finishes. I love the big moments.

So to see a guy like Kevin Owens – who is a guy that is not the prototypical bodybuilder type – winhe WWE Universal Championship on Monday Night Raw was huge. I can kind of relate to Owens because we’re both bigger guys who became champions. Seeing guys like us become world champions gives the everyday man the idea that you can do anything, regardless of your stature.

I didn’t follow Owens on the indie scene but I saw that he was well liked when he got to the WWE and I wanted to know what was up with this Owens dude. I just started liking him, but my son hated him because he was fighting John Cena. I think he’s crazy but a very good wrestler. That guy can really work a match and that’s what I come to see.

Guys like that are special.

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