Daniel Vidot Reveals the Advice He Got from The Rock


During a recent interview with Wide World of Sports, WWE NXT Superstar Daniel Vidot revealed the advice he received from The Rock, his goals for WWE, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On wanting to get into movies as well and his goals for WWE: “It’s definitely in my plans and something I want to look in to. I used to perform in high school and do little performances in theatres and musicals. I definitely want to be the WWE champion. It would be amazing for me, and I’m definitely going to work towards that. At the moment, I’ve got mini goals set for me. WWE NXT where I’m at now and is on TV every week, that’s where I’m looking to cement my spot at the moment.”

On getting advice from The Rock: “He’s one of the busiest guys in the world. Every minute he talked to me, I felt I had to pay him $1000. It was an awesome experience, I had a pretty long conversation with him and he was talking about how excited he was for me and that another Polynesian is there. He told me, ‘Hang in and you will get there, you’ve just got to do all of the hard work and it will pay off. Put your heart and soul into it.’ My character, ‘The UNTAMED,’ represents exactly that. Let your wild side run free and not worry what other people say or think about you.”

On learning training and learning at the WWE Performance center: “I got to roll around with Mark Henry in the ring and he showed me a couple things. I’ve met Triple H a lot, John Cena and The Rock. They’re all my idols and I feel very privileged to be in the position I’m in. Walking around and seeing faces like that, it’s an unreal experience.”

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