Daniels Confirms His TNA Contracts Ends In April


Christopher Daniels was recently interviewed by Across the Pond Wrestling, discussing his TNA contract status and more. Here are the highlights…

On Looking Forward to TNA’s Tour of the UK: Absolutely, we all look forward to it. It’s usually some of the best crowds that we wrestle in front of, you know because we only do it once a year . It’s become sort of a tradition, and something to look forward to, not just for the UK fans, but the guys. You know, we’ve had very successful tours in the past, specifically last year, we had a great experience taping television over there. I think we’ve increased the amount of television , we’re going to be taping over there, also one of the shows is going to be a pay-per-view taping, a One Night Only taping. The first time that we’re ever taping television in the Hydro building in Glasgow, Scotland. There’s a ton of stuff happening on this tour , that it’s gonna be a great tour for all.

On US Crowds vs. UK Crowds: Well, just comfortable with the product . There’s a lot more access to the product over here, obviously, so lethargic isn’t the right word…..I guess content would be a better word. They’re content with it. They’re not really hungry for more product. They’ve got all the product they can handle. I know the UK wrestling scene, back in the day, they had their own product, with World of Sport, things like that and there’s not really, apart from independents…I hope I’m not speaking out of turn , apart from independents they don’t really have their own national scene anymore. So they’ve take to WWE and TNA, as their form of wrestling entertainment, that most of the country sees. Especially TNA with their ratings as good as they are, I feel like they’ve taken to our product rather well and this is our opportunity to get over their an take advantage of their appreciation of our product.

On When His Contract With TNA Ends: All I can tell you at this point is that my contract does end in April . Whether or not I resign depends a lot on the company, I have no plans on seeking employment elsewhere. So we’ll just have to see when that date comes around, man. A lot could happen between now and then, but at this moment I’m very happy with what I’m doing in TNA. I’m very happy wrestling with Frankie Kazarian as my tag team partner, I feel like we’ve barely even scraped the surface as far as the potential for Bad Influence as a tag team. I don’t have plan to break away or cut this out.

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