Daniels Speaks Out – AJ/Dixie Storyline Is Just Beginning


TNA Tag Team Champion Christopher Daniels had an interview with The Baltimore Sun in which he discussed the current Dixie Carter/AJ Styles storyline, working with the current creative team and more.

Here are highlights:

On the AJ/Dixie Carter story: “It’s new ground. I feel like that’s one of the reasons people are tuning into it. There’s enough of a shadow of a doubt where people are watching, still trying to decide if they buy my side or A.J.’s side of the story. We’ve still got parts of the story to tell. Right now it’s not even the beginning of the end. We’re still in the middle of the beginning; there’s still a lot of story to tell. So all I can tell the fans who have been watching and trying to make a decision is just stay tuned.”

On the criticism that TNA doesn’t create new stars: “I would say right now is the worst time to make those sorts of claims. You look at what’s happening on television right now and the highest-rated storyline is between three homegrown TNA talents – myself, AJ Styles and Frankie Kazarian. Right now I feel like I’ve got a better rapport with the creative team, a better rapport with guys like Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan than I’ve ever had. I feel like I’ve proven myself to those guys as someone who is you have to hand him the ball, he will go forward and make something good out of it.

On the talent in TNA: “I’ve felt that A.J. Styles has always proven that he’s a great in-ring competitor and on the television show. I understand the point. There have been times that guys who have made their name have been given opportunities, but at the same time, you’ve always seen guys like Bobby Roode, James Storm, the Motor City Machineguns, A.J. Styles rise to the top. Talent is going to rise to the top, whether they come from TNA or from outside.”

In the interview, Daniels also discusses TNA going live, why the wrestlers don’t feel more pressure, his Slammiversary match with Kazarian vs. Styles and Kurt Angle, the state of the tag division, and the tenth anniversary of TNA.

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