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NewsDaniels Talks Rumored Retirement, Kaz Talks TNA, & More

Daniels Talks Rumored Retirement, Kaz Talks TNA, & More

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Here is a recap of a TNA conference call held today to promo TNA Genesis this Sunday night:

TNA publicist Lindsey Bynum opened the show by hyping Impact tomorrow night, big live events on Saturday that are being taped, Genesis on Sunday, and the UK tour at the end of the month.

Kazarian answered that he liked the changes to the PPV schedule as he thought the market was over saturated right now in wrestling. He said they had a busy weekend with all the things planned, but they were ready. Daniels added more in character comments and put over he and Kaz as the biggest deal in TNA right now and said of course they had a busy weekend because of who they are.

They both said they would be defending the tag titles again once they are finally given a chance to win them back. Daniels talked about defending them in Glasgow, where the Christopher Daniels Museum is. (Daniels told him to check Wikipedia.)

Kaz answered that their creative process was just looking into their minds and that the ideas were creative because it was them. Daniels added that they are 25/8 when it comes to being creative. He said all they do is look for ways to get under people’s skin and to entertain.

Kaz said the Bad Influences name came from what people said about them backstage after they exposed AJ Styles and how they walk around backstage.

Daniels said there isn’t a single dare that they have been given that they haven’t done.

Daniels said they would be trying their luck in singles matches more, but they would still be teaming and trying to recapture the tag titles.

Kazarian agreed that their friendship outside of the ring has helped them jell faster in the ring and that 2013 is going to be an even bigger year for them.

Kazarian and Daniels both denied playing the Suicide character while saying they would be amenable to another Impact video game.

They hyped Daniels vs. Storm by answering a kayfabe question and Kaz said he would be there to cheer Daniels on to victory because Daniels didn’t need any help.

Both guys put over the UK fans and say they wish they could come there more often. They teased that the Blossom twins, two attractive women on the UK show TNA Boot Camp, are blowing their phones up.

Both men put over RVD and the X Division but they also distanced themselves from competing in that division for now. They also put over Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan as a good team.

Daniels put over the new Marvel Now plans, specifically Spiderman and The X-Men series.

Kazarian put over Christian York, Kenny King, and Xema Ion as future stars in the X Division. He said he would like to see Sonjay Dutt returns. Daniels added Jimmy Rave and Amazing Red for the X Division and the former Generation Me (Matt and Nick Jackson).

Kazarian said they were very satisfied with where they are creatively because they have an opportunity to be themselves. He said they weren’t playing characters at all. Daniels added that this wasn’t a new skill they found in themselves, this is just the first time they have had an opportunity to be themselves.

The call closed with Kaz and Daniels cheering for Lindsey Bynum in a very funny moment.

Credit: BigWrestlesharkShow

Christopher Daniels recently spoke about the TNA X-Division, his rumored retirement and more. Here are the highlights…

The X-Division Evolving: “I think it’s a testament to the guys who have come through. I think the guys that were most successful were the guys like myself who had worked around the world and were given themselves the opportunity to showcase and hone their talents. The first name that comes to mind is obviously AJ [Styles], he had opportunity to travel the world and hone his craft before TNA came around. The same thing with Samoa Joe, he had traveled Japan and worked extensively and very hard on the independent scene. He had had his Ring of Honor career, and by the time he came to TNA, he was ready to show the world who he was and he stood out… As the years progress, TNA knew they had something good with the X-Division, then they started building their tag and heavyweight division, and it became one of many good divisions as opposed to the ‘stand out’ division. It goes through waves, there are times when there are a plethora of talent and times when it takes a backseat. But I think with the current crop of talent — guys like Zema Ion, Sanjay Dutt, Kidd Kash — I feel like there are so many good guys there now. So many guys that can kick it up a notch and go in the X-Division, but are still viewed as major players overall.”

Wanting To Be TNA World Champion: “Anyone who is not trying to be the world champion is wasting their time. It’s always been a goal of mine, and honestly right now I feel like I’m as close to the world title as I have ever been. The company has a good confidence in me, to give me opportunities and I feel like I’ve shown the world I can play at the top level. I feel like I’ve shown the world I’m ready to be the top guy and be a major player. It’s just a matter of waiting to see if I get given that opportunity, your guess is as good as mine, but at the moment I’m feeling positive and just waiting for that opportunity.”

Rumors That He Is Retiring: “I don’t know where that started, I’m not looking to retire any time soon. Right now I feel I’m doing the best work of my career. My first goal was to get to 20 years, and in one month that will be the case. I’ve always said the minute it stops being fun I’ll stop. But I’m still having fun, I’m still doing what I love, I’m working with great guys, I’m in good condition, I’ve been lucky to have had very few injuries over my career. I’m not looking to hang the boots up anytime soon.”

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